Unify your data sources and create insightful and actionable reports
Enabling connectivity between multiple data sources. Leverage all your data while increasing commercial opportunities and improving productivity.
Automate decisions with Data Unification

Data Unification

Using our unique data processing engine, we can provide enterprise-scale connectivity between multiple data sources. This enables automated decision making, driven directly from the data you have today and possibly tomorrow. This means less time for you to generate meaningful data that will drive great commercial outcomes and improve productivity.

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How does it work?

Crippled by multiple data sources? Tired of pulling data from this system, that system simply to provide a report or send a marketing message..?

According to a survey and report by Informatica and Dun & Bradstreet the two key issues cited by marketers are:

  1. Validating and enriching the quality of the data they collect (57%)
  2. Unifying their data across sources for cross-channel optimisation Integrating data across (50%)

In other words, the purpose of marketing automation is to reduce the marketing workload of your employees (or yourself) while kicking more goals.

Marketing automation may achieve this by engaging your customers or clients where they are right now based on their previous activity and data that your CRM has stored about them.

Data Unification has proven to...

  • Unify data from multiple resources such as social, website and analytics
  • Validating and organizing data to produce insights and actionable reports
  • Automatically provide helpful analytics based on the need of your leaders and marketers
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What industries are leveraging Data Unification?

Data Unification is a perfect fit for...

Industries such as E-Commerce, Property Development, Sport & Recreation, Hospitality & Events, Education, Dental, Health & Therapies (related) Services, Financial Services, and Trades (plumbers, electricians, carpentry & mechanical) can all leverage data unification as part. of their marketing automation toolbox.

Some of our recent clients include...

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