Unify Your Data Sources To Drive

Business Decisions

Enabling connectivity between multiple data sources. Leverage all your data while increasing commercial opportunities and improving productivity.

Data Unification

Using our unique data processing engine, we can provide enterprise-scale connectivity between multiple data sources. This enables automated decision making, driven directly from the data you have today and possibly tomorrow. This means less time for you to generate meaningful data that will drive great commercial outcomes and improve productivity.

Connect | Leverage | Increase | Improve

How does it work?

Data sources = ERP, Web Analytics, Point Of Sale, Member databases, Revenue Growth Automation, and the list goes on…

It is highly likely you are using siloed data to make broader decisions. These days if you can have a reliable single source of truth you can make some highly effective decisions based on all aspects of your business.

Data Unification is the process of ingesting data from various operational systems (online and offline) and transforming it into a single source of truth. The purpose of doing this is to have all business data available within minutes and repurpose it for reporting & analytics, targeted and personalised sales & marketing campaigns, or business decision making.

Managing data has always been and continues to be one of the greatest challenges of most businesses. Businesses are often using several tools to assist their day-to-day roles e.g. CRM, ERP, POS, email marketing, and so on. Collecting, housing, and managing this data is critical. Unifying your data into an accessible environment enables data consistency and speed to use capability allowing you to analyse, target, and unlock unforeseen opportunities.

  • Create business-ready data while reducing preparation from hours into minutes.
  • Transform data integrity while organising multiple data sources into a single source of truth.
  • Deliver measurable and data-driven commercial outcomes
No, we don’t think so. Like most things you need to understand where you are and where you want to be. We can help you with this through an initial assessment of your Technology, Processes, and People. This helps us determine what you have now, how you are doing things, and the level of experience your people have.
Our data unification solution is the perfect fit for Small to Medium-sized businesses who want to achieve a single source of truth while significantly reducing effort, increasing data integrity, and achieving measurable and data-driven commercial outcomes.

If you use...

offline (e.g. ERP, POS) and online (e.g. web analytics, Revenue Growth Automation) performance-based metrics to make business decisions then you should consider data unification. This process will enable offline and online data to come together and provide a single source of truth.