EnquiryBot – the simplest customer engagement and revenue generation tool you can have for your business.

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EnquiryBot, a next-generation website chatbot. More akin to a top-performing sales executive, EnquiryBot behaves like a website enquiry engine, interacting with visitors and showcasing what organisations have to offer, while gently nudging visitors towards enquiry with a great interactive experience. The system then organises the pre-qualified leads using a simple customer management reporting dashboard.

The technology is designed for organisations who want to increase leads and lead quality, whilst simplifying their sales process. In Australia, the technology is available through Dovetail Group, a unique business focusing purely on assisting organisations to adopt and utilise modern sales and marketing technology better.

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The biggest shift in online sales and marketing over the last 6 to 8 years is that customers and clients are looking for a personalised experience that’s every bit as good as the experience they’ve come to expect offline. EnquiryBot makes it possible to engage web visitors in a way that feels natural, is useful to them, and less onerous to those responsible for converting enquiries to sales.

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Industries such as Sport & Recreation, Hospitality & Events, Education, Dental, Health & Therapies (related) Services, Financial Services, and Trades (plumbers, electricians, carpentry & mechanical) have reported a 240% boost in enquiries within the first 30 days of launch.

Website interactions have been equally impressive, with 37% of visitors choosing to engage with the technology and 10% submitting their data. Because EnquiryBot is fully automated, it can process enquiries 24/7 without commercial teams having to lift a finger. EnquiryBot data uncovered that 35% of enquiries are generated outside of business hours.

Compatible with any website, and fully optimised for mobile browsing, EnquiryBot is secure and compliant with data protection legislation. EnquiryBot also has an API that allows integration with existing commercial systems, including calendars, booking, and payment technologies, helping to facilitate sales and allowing performance to be analysed against other sales channels.

EnquiryBot is fully customisable and typically can be configured and deployed within 48 hours. There are no lock-in minimum term contracts, no limit to users and if by chance you’re not seeing the benefits of EnquiryBot, you can simply turn it off.

EnquiryBot’s Adam Smith concludes “EB helps organisations drive more sales enquiries from their existing website traffic. It behaves like a PA to web users, quickly showcasing the various products, services, and solutions available.

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We’re finding that the technology appeals to organisations that have not adopted a streamlined approach to capturing and managing enquiries and sales i.e. those who might be using excel spreadsheets or ad-hoc manual processes.

The additional customer insight can be provided via the management reporting dashboard really helps organisations improve their overall accountability and sales conversion rates too.”

With more enquiries, more sales and less hassle for everyone involved, EnquiryBot is the simplest customer engagement and revenue generation tool you can have for a business.

At Dovetail Group, we think Enquirybot is a “no-brainer” solution to explore and measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing automation without feeling you have been locked into deep technology integration and costly solution. If you’d like to experience a demonstration, please get in touch!

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