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About Us

Who We Are!

‘Dovetail’ – to join or fit together compactly or ‘harmoniously’. Dovetail Group provides advisory and data-driven marketing technology services. We add value by delivering strategies to maximise an organisation’s business and customer data to drive growth and achieve success with less effort.

Our Values

We add value by showing how to maximise an organisation’s business and customer data to help drive growth and achieve success with less effort.


We build loyalty through exceeding expectation and providing continuous and consistent communication.


Connecting and building genuine relationships with our clients is key to their success and ours.


Real support when you need it. If we don't have the answer we will find it.


Providing all the information to help our clients make informed decisions.

Our Skills


Our skills are in data analysis, data-unification, data-driven marketing advice and in-platform services and training – Direct experience with SharpSpring, Pardot, Marketo, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, MailChimp.

We are comfortable getting in and getting our hands dirty with most of the tools in market.

We get to know your business

We get to know an organisation through an initial assessment of their existing Technology, Processes and People.

We establish some of the data-driven fundamentals and uncover unforeseen opportunity derived from the data an organisation owns today.

Examples of our work can be found here.

What we bring to your business

Dovetail Group provides your organisation with a skill set and knowledge base usually reserved for the “big end of town”.

  • Data and technology reviews, advisory, and analysis.
  • Develop customised marketing strategies to meet your business goals.
  • Design and create engaging digital-based
    communications including websites.
  • Create and automate digital campaigns for your target audience.
  • Data management to facilitate better engagement and communication.
  • Implementations and Training.

Our Team

Warwick Portrait


Founder & Business Growth Director

18 years experience in business process outsourcing across multiple industries combined with marketing & sales technology. Warwick is focused and ready to help organisations compete better through the practical adoption of data-driven technology.

Thriving at aligning business needs with the appropriate solutions, Warwick is customer-centric with substantial experience and success in building team-orientated collaboration with our Clients.


Solution & Tech Director

Matthew is a digital marketing expert with 15 years of experience in the field. He is the Solution and Tech Director for Dovetail Consulting Group, where he develops strategy, implements high-impact programs and builds solutions that deliver results. Matt also holds both Salesforce Pardot and SharpSpring Marketing Automation Certifications.

He’s been involved in some awesome projects over his career, such as developing and implementing websites, CRM’s, marketing automation platforms, or marketing campaigns for top organisations like GC Institute, McDonald Industries, Armada Property, World Sleep Federation, Clear Skincare, Kallibr, Adventist Media, Medical Industries Australia, and many others.



Brand & Creative Director

With 25 years of experience in the world of digital design and development, Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge from concept to completion in the digital marketing and design industry.

Creating customer-centric outcomes to meet the client’s business vision is front of mind in all aspects of Tracy’s approach to design and marketing solutions.



Salesforce Cloud Administrator & Projects Director

Tony’s experience has seen him lead and direct a wide range of business operations. Tony’s been recognised for his success in delivering end-to-end business process improvements, which align with customers and company needs. Tony says: “the chance to work with Dovetail Group provides the opportunity to exercise these skills more personally. I’m confident that with my broad business-related experiences I’ll be able to contribute to the success of your business too – let’s get started!

Dovetail - Maximise Growth Success


Business Data Analytics Specialist

20 years experience across a wide variety of markets, both local, national and international. Paul transforms complex data sets into clear relevant actionable insights that facilitate better decision making.

Paul builds analytics tools and dashboards that play significant roles in enabling businesses to deliver growth and profitability.

Paul’s proven ability to move up and down the business stack, from strategic through tactical to operational and back, ensures a full picture in any analytics provided.